Meet Our District Cabinet & Staff

Advisor to the Moderator

Dr. Ned Sanders


Dr. W. J. Haynes

Executive Director &

Chairman of Social Justice

Dr. Gregory Robinson

Vice Moderator

Rev. Jasper Jackson

Vice Moderator

Dr. Sam Maxwell

Vice Moderator

Rev. Wallace Bowers

District Congress President

Dr. Leon Williams

Budget Director

Dr. Bartholomew Banks

Chairman of Evangelism

Reverend John Lang

Recording Secretary

Sister Sonya Sanders

Chairman of Home Mission

Reverend David Mazon

Chairman of Late Night

Reverend Timothy Cohen

Chairman of Men's Conference

Reverend Hugh Strafford

Chairman of Disaster Relief

Reverend Ron Shipp

Association Devotional Leader

Minister Octavio West

Moderator's Core Team

Events Coordinator

Sister Darina Glover

Office Administrator & Financial Secretary

Sister Ola Wilson-Johnson

Press Liaison

Sister Gloria Castillo

Sister Dorine Norman

Marketing Liaison

Administrative Assistant

Sister Deborah Sims

District Officers

Finance Committee

Deacon Eddie Norman

Deacon Azell Johnson

Deacon Robert Sims

Sister Ola Wilson-Johnson

Sister Laura Williams

Deacon Willie Monroe

Congress Presidents

Congress #1

Dr. Gregory Robinson

Congress #2

Reverend Ron Shipp

Congress #3

Reverend David Mazon

Congress #4


Ministry & Council


Lay Ministers' Council

Reverend James Brooks

Ministers' Wives and Widows Council

Dr. Lena Shipp

Senior Women

Sister Ola Wilson-Johnson

Women Intermediate Auxiliary

Sister Gloria Castillo

Junior Women

Sister Peaches Warrick


Deacon Azell Johnson


Sister Ethel Dozier


Sister Betty West


Sister Juanita Walker

Association Musician

Sister Ollie K. Adams

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