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The Senior Women's Ministry is comprised of seasoned women from age 60 and above. The Ministry Leader is Sister Ola Wilson-Johnson.

Contact Sister Ola Wilson-Johnson

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The Women Intermediate Auxiliary is comprised of women from age 41 to 59. Sister Kimberly Kelly is the Ministry Leader

Contact Sister Kimberly Kelly

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The Junior Women's Ministry is comprised of young women from ages 18-40. The Ministry Leader is Sister Jacqueline "Peaches" Warrick.

Contact Sister Peaches J. Warrick

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The Minister's Wives and Widows' Council is comprised of a group of women who are married to and support the Ministers and Pastors of the Mt. Pilgrim M.B. Association, Inc. The President is Dr. Lena Shipp.

Contact Dr. Lena Shipp


The Brotherhood Ministry is comprised of men from age 24 and up. Deacon Robert Sims is the President.

Contact Brother Robert Sims


The District Choir Ministry is comprised of various choir members from the local churches. The Ministry Leader is Brother Jeff Boyd.

Contact Brother Jeff Boyd

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The Ushers' Ministry is comprised of ushers from the various local churches. The Ministry Leader for the Ushers' Ministry is Sister Betty West.

Contact Sister Betty West


The Lay Ministers' Council is comprised of men who have been called by God to preach the Gospel. Reverend J. Brooks is the President.

Contact Reverend J. Brooks


The Health Awareness Ministry is comprised of people who have been called by God to provide care and triage to the people of God. Sister Juanita Walker is the Health Awareness President.

Contact Sister Juanita Walker

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